Back to School Writing Prompts and Activities

Back to School Writing Prompts & Activities

Planning writing for the first day of school can be daunting.

Engage students in fun back to school writing prompts and activities that allow them to be creative and get to know each other using fun summer writing prompts, get to know you activities, all about me projects and more.

Capture their attention with great back to school read alouds while also exploring every genre of writing in the first week of school.

Back To School Informative Writing Prompt and Activity

Start with the easiest topic for students to write about… themselves!

This makes the challenge of informative writing a little bit easier as students are EXPERTS on themselves and also allows you to do an easy and fun get to know you activity with the whole class.

Pair this fun activity with the read aloud, Be You, then talk about what makes each student unique and special. We usually do a LOT of partner talk before writing at the beginning of the year, which is a great way for students to get to know each other and plan their writing all at the same time.

back to school writing ideas | informative writing prompt and activity with craft

During this Get To Know All About Me Project, students will write about what they look like, what hobbies they have, what they are good at and what their family is like.

Depending on the age or independence of your class, you can also leave the writing more open ended and allow students to pick four things that they would like to share.

This project ends in a fun craft with dozens of options for students to select from.

Back To School Narrative Writing Prompt and Activity

Students just spent eight weeks living their best lives. From things as small as playing outside, to pool trips, to extravagant vacations.. students want to tell you ALL about their summer endeavors.

back to school writing ideas | narrative writing prompt and activity with craft

Allow students to write ALL about their summers with this fun Picture Perfect Summer Vacation Narrative Writing Prompt and Activity.

Students will pick one moment or four things that they did over the summer to write about. They will focus on writing 4 events that happened (either 4 different things or taking one small moment and expanding on those events).

When they are done, they will create this fun selfie craft and add pictures to their writing. I love to pair this activity with the text, The Truth About My Unbelievable Summer.

Back To School Opinion Writing Prompt and Activity

Students LOVE to talk all about their opinion. Start with an easy and fun writing craft about Their Favorite Color.

Read the humorous book The Day The Crayons Quit, then work as a class to brainstorm the best thing about each color.

After you have made a comprehensive list on the board, have students select their favorite color then come up with 4 reasons WHY this color is the best.

back to school writing ideas | opinion writing prompt and activity with craft

End the project with a fun craft and allow students to share their work with the class. This also makes a GREAT beginning of the year bulletin board.

Back To School How To Writing Prompt and Activity

How To writing can be confusing. At the beginning of the year, we typically do most of our how to writing together. My favorite topic to start with is How to Get Ready for School.

This is a great way to review expectations for things not to forget (backpacks, lunchboxes, homework folders, etc.) while also going over what students do each morning before they see you! You’ll be amazed at what you find out.

back to school writing ideas | how to writing prompt and activity with craft

Hook students with the cute book, The Bears Get Ready for School. Then, work as a class to create an adorable flip book for students to take home and refer to each morning as they are getting ready for the day.

Back To School Writing Journal

Are you looking for a good way to start your day or writing block? Have students practice building writing stamina by completing a daily writing journal.

These fun August Writing Prompts all center around Back To School ideas from every genre. It includes both a printable and digital version.

back to school writing ideas | august writing journal with prompts for every genre

Final Thoughts

Streamline your first week of school lesson plans with these fun back to school writing prompts and ideas! What are your favorite back to writing school prompts? Drop them in the comments below!

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