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Looking to spruce up your lesson plans this March? While this month can seem long and daunting, your writing block doesn’t have to be! Students love this leprechaun craft idea and teachers love the ease of planning that accompanies it.

Intro: Read Aloud

Generate ideas as a class for writing with a problem and solution for your day with a leprechaun

I start this lesson by reading aloud How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace. Afterward, we generate a list on the board about different things we would love to do if we caught a leprechaun.


Students come up with such fun and funny ideas. After our list is generated, I have students pick 4 events with their leprechaun. This is also a great time to teach students about problem and solution. Perhaps their leprechaun does something naughty, and they need to help fix it before mom and dad see!


The next day, we turn our 4 events into paragraphs with events and details. After that, we revise, edit and conference to make our writing ready to publish.

Depending on students’ writing abilities, they either write just 4 events, 4 events with 1 detail each or 4 event paragraphs with multiple details following each event.

Publish & Share

On the last day, students publish their writing on these cute leprechaun hats, self grade their writing and then share their projects with their classmates.

What are your favorite leprechaun craft ideas to use in March? Drop them in the comments below!

You can grab the resource featured throughout this post here!

My Day With a Leprechaun Narrative Writing Project for Elementary Students

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