The Most Delightful February Writing Activities I’ve Ever Seen


Looking to spruce up your writing block in February? Below are a ton of fun themes for in person learning, and some bonus ideas for digital learners!

Fun February Writing Activities for Elementary Students

1. Groundhog’s Day Opinion Writing

Should the groundhog see his shadow, or not?! 6 more weeks of winter, or 6 extra weeks of spring? Students will pick a side, defend their reasons and create a cute craft to hang up in the hallway or bring home! Snag this fun resource here.

2. Sweetest Person Informative/Opinion Writing

Celebrate the kind people in life by having students write about who they think the sweetest person is and why. This can be taken from an opinion or an informative perspective, and makes a GREAT gift for parents, guardians or other teachers. Complete this activity in person or digitally!

3. Love Monster Writing Project

Allow students to create and write about their own LOVE MONSTER! Students will think about activities their love monster likes, use metaphors to describe what their love monster looks like, and come up with other creative details about their love monster while writing this informative piece and creating this adorable craft! Complete this activity in person or digitally!

4. President’s Day Fun

Give students time to research ANY president and complete this fun writing research project. Assign a president, or let them pick, and then allow students time to research, take notes, and turn their notes into an informative report. Finally, students can complete this fun craft and hang it up in the hall for all to see! Or bring it home for mom and dad to hang on the fridge. Either way, snag this fun activity here.

5. Valentine’s Day Peacock

This project is perfect if you don’t have a TON of time to devote to a craft, but still want to spruce up your writing block. Students will write about how to show love or kindness, then will create this fun, heart peacock! Snag this activity here.

Digital Options:

Teaching virtually this year, or looking to add a digital option to your in person classroom? These projects can be completed ENTIRELY independently, and even have instructional videos embedded for students. Snag the following created specifically for February below:

Drop any questions, comments or helpful resources you have in the comments below.

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