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How To Catch a Snowman: Easy Winter Writing Activity

Do you want to build a snowman? No? But your kiddos might! Engage students in some how to writing this winter with a fun, how to build (digital) or how to catch (craft) a snowman activity.

How to Catch a Snowman Writing Activity and Craft

Weekly Plan



  • Model proper how to writing (less wordy than other writing, includes CLEAR directions)
  • Have students write a strong introduction and half of their steps


  • Model proper how to writing and a strong closing
  • Have students finish their steps and add a strong closing


  • Model revising and editing
  • Have students use an editing checklist to revise and edit (snag the free checklist here!)


  • Students publish writing
  • Students use rubric to self grade
  • Students can share their writing

This can also be condensed into one easy morning. It makes a great activity for a snowy day or for a substitute teacher to follow. This activity also makes a great bulletin board!

How to catch a snowman writing craft

Snag the resources below:

Leave any questions or comments you have below. Amazon affiliate links were included. Enjoy!

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