The Most Effective Way to Teach Blends to 1st Graders - Fluency Practice and Daily Phonics Centers

Are you ready to teach blends but are just not sure where to start? There are so many different blends TO teach and let’s face it.. it can be hard

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The Most Effective Long Vowel Activities for 2nd Grade

Picture this: you look down at your plan book, and 6 weeks of long vowel activities for your 2nd grade students are DONE for you! At the end of the

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The Best Activities for Teaching Short Vowels to 1st Graders

Are you struggling when it comes to teaching short vowels to your 1st graders? You are NOT alone. The key for teaching ANY phonics skill to 1st graders is practice,

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Planning Guided Reading Tips and Tricks

Structuring your guided reading groups can be a tricky feat, even for the most experienced teacher. Typically, teachers only have between 45 minutes to an hour to see 25-30 students.

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August Let's Get Reading - August reading plans for second grade

Let’s Get Reading! August is always the most exciting, overwhelming, and EXHAUSTING time of the year for teachers. So many mixed emotions.. but we don’t need mixed emotions about teaching.

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