Counting Coins Game – A Counting Money I Have Who Has Game for US Coins



Need a fun counting coins game for your class? Make money fun with this I Have Who Has counting coin game that your ENTIRE class can play!

How to Play the I Have, Who Has Counting Coins Game:

Teachers will print, laminate {optional} and cut the cards out. Each student gets one card with a set of coins to count. They practice counting coins on their card, then practice their listening skills. One Student will say “I Have _____, Who Has _____”. The student with the correct answer will then read aloud their card (“I Have ___, Who Has _____”) until all of the cards have been read. This game can be played again and again, day after day. Consider different versions for different skills.

Ideas for Playing the Counting Coins Game:

  • Play as a whole class or in small groups.
  • You can also time your students to see if they can beat their own class records.
  • Makes a great warm up or morning meeting game

What is Included:

  • 24 Cards for Counting Coins I Have Who Has Game

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