Between teaching phonics, comprehension, fluency and vocabulary, plus feeling as though you need to cram in read alouds, whole group, small groups, mini lessons, spelling practice and more, it can be SO overwhelming. The good news is that this guide is here to help you set up a reading block that works perfectly for you and your students.

Are you looking to set up your math classroom so it runs like a well oiled machine? Whether you are teaching 2nd grade specifically, or any primary elementary grade, this guide is for you. Teaching math is my passion and there are so many great EASY TO USE strategies that you can implement in your classroom TODAY. Let’s take a look.

Teaching writing can seem daunting. It can be hard to tell where to start and what to do. What if I told you that setting up your elementary writing centers and your writing block could be easy peasy lemon squeezey? Read on to discover EVERYTHING you need to know about setting up a writing block that ACTUALLY WORKS for you, your students and your classroom.



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