Tips for Setting New Year’s Resolution Goals with Students

Setting new years resolution goals with students

Happy New Year! New Year means all new you! Right? Well.. it at least means a few goals that you want to accomplish for the year. Why should it be any different for your students? Goal setting is one of my favorite activities to complete with my students. I have done it as young as […]

How to Make Your Classroom Merry with a Holiday Student Book Exchange

Are you looking for a way to spread holiday spirit with your littles without directly celebrating any specific holiday? Hosting a holiday book exchange is a great solution for you. It is very little prep, and brings lots of joy into the classroom. To host a holiday book exchange, simply send home a letter to […]

Easy Classroom Newsletters Can Make Astonishing Results

Classroom Newsletters Should you do a newsletter for your classroom? How often should you send home your newsletter? What should you include in your newsletter? Find all the answers here! Should You Have a Class Newsletter? YES! Yes, yes, yes! Classroom newsletters are a great way to keep parents informed on what is happening in […]

Traveling Class Mascot: An Easy and Unexpected Morale Boost

Tips, Tricks & Resources to Send a Furry Friend Home With Little Worries When I think back to my FAVORITE thing I did in second grade, I can vividly remember the excitement each week that came when my teacher would pull out a blue sparkly backpack, with a stuffed animal Arthur the Aardvark inside of […]

Friday Letters: Boost Morale with This Surprisingly Easy Idea

Connect with Students Using Friday Letters

Friday letters are mine and my students FAVORITE part of the week. Whenever students start telling me a story and I can tell we might not have time for it, instead of telling them to tell me later and we don’t get to it, I tell them that I cannot WAIT to hear about it […]

Make the Most of Your Morning Meeting

Guide to running an effective 15 minute morning meeting

A Guide to An Effective 15 Minute Morning Meeting Do you want to implement a morning meeting but struggle to find a way to fit it all in? When I first started, I struggled to get every important component incorporated into my meeting. A traditional morning meeting includes a greeting, morning message, reviewing the schedule, […]