Special May Writing Activities That Your Class Can’t Miss

May Writing Prompts and Activities

It is difficult to find end of the year writing prompts that capture students attention. Let’s change that! With prompts from every genre and read alouds to accompany writing, these May writing prompts and activities are sure to engage students and get students pencils moving! May Narrative Prompt: Have students write a fun, imaginative narrative […]

How to Set Up EVERYTHING in Your Writing Classroom To Make Life Easier

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Writing - Setting Up Writing Centers

Teaching writing can seem daunting. It can be hard to tell where to start and what to do. What if I told you that setting up your elementary writing centers and your writing block could be easy peasy lemon squeezey? Read on to discover EVERYTHING you need to know about setting up a writing block […]

The Best DIGITAL Opinion Writing Activities with Astonishing Results

DIGITAL Opinion Writing Activity Round Up

Are you looking for some FUN digital opinion writing projects that you can implement with your students? Digital writing projects are GREAT to use in both in person and virtual classrooms. They are easy to assign, require no prep work and include ALL instructional videos needed to teach a topic. The Best Season Opinion Writing […]

The Best Opinion Writing Activities with Astonishing Student Results

Opinion Writing Activity Round Up

Are you looking for some fun opinion writing prompts or templates for your primary learners? Using an opinion writing activity rather than a regular prompt or graphic organizer is a great way to increase student engagement. These fun crafts and digital activities are a great way to get your students to write persuasive arguments. 1. […]

The Best Opinion Writing Mentor Texts Students Will Love

Opinion Writing Mentor Texts

Are you looking for some engaging authentic opinion writing mentor texts to help get your students formulating and writing their opinion? Below are my 10 favorite opinion writing mentor texts to pair with fun projects or prompts for your classroom. 1. Mentor Text 1: Hey, Little Ant This classic text is a great way to […]

How to Teach Opinion Writing in 2nd Grade with Spectacular Results

Teaching Opinion Writing in 2nd Grade

Looking for an alternative to OREO when teaching opinion writing in 2nd grade? Something more natural, more engaging, and cross-curricular that could be applied to various contents? Read on for my favorite tips and tricks to teach your second graders all about writing their opinion in a persuasive manner. Important Concepts: Students will need to […]