Don’t Have The Disgusting Classroom… How to Keep It Clean

Guide to keeping a clean elementary school classroom

The beginning of the year is SUCH a fun and exciting time. We have fresh supplies, clean classrooms, new books for our library, fresh notebooks for our students, sometimes even new furniture.. and GRAND ideas of how our classroom is going to be run. HOWEVER, this year, and ALL years, CLEANLINESS needs to be top […]

The Great Pencil Challenge: Solve Your Staggering Pencil Problems

The Great Pencil Challenge: Solve All Your Staggering Pencil Problems

Looking for a way to keep your classrooms’ pencils in check? Tired of sharpening pencils or listening to the pencil sharpener all day? The Great Pencil Challenge is the solution for you! The great pencil challenge is easy. Follow these 5 steps below to implement it in your classroom! 1. Gather your pencils Get enough […]