How to Use Task Cards Effectively in Your Classroom

How to Use Task Cards Effectively in Your Classroom

Differentiation seems hard, but it doesn’t have to be. One fast and easy way to differentiate for your whole class is by using task cards. This guide on how to use task cards and differentiate using task cards is designed to help you differentiate for whole group, small group and independent work time. Whole Group […]

How to Use Digital Activities in the Classroom

10 Ways to Use Digital Activities In Elementary Classrooms

Now that you have stocked up on digital resources and are back in person, or maybe still teaching digitally, you might be asking yourself.. how do I use these now? Here are my 10 favorite digital activity ideas for any elementary classroom. DIGITAL IDEA 1: WARM UP One easy way to use digital activities every […]

How to Make Sizeable Classroom Growth with BOOM Cards

Boom Learning for the elementary digital classroom.

Last school year I began a journey at a new school that was One-to-One iPad learning. This meant I was limited to just 100 copies a month. When I first heard this staggering number I absolutely panicked! That is ONE copy per student, per week! It ended up not being so bad. One of my […]