The Best DIGITAL Narrative Writing Activities with Astonishing Results

DIGITAL Narrative Writing Activity Roundup

Are you looking for a FUN digital narrative writing activity that you can implement digitally with your students? Digital writing projects are GREAT to use in both in person and virtual classrooms. They are easy to assign, require no prep work and include ALL instructional videos needed to teach a topic. My Summer Break Sometimes […]

How to Use Digital Activities in the Classroom

10 Ways to Use Digital Activities In Elementary Classrooms

Now that you have stocked up on digital resources and are back in person, or maybe still teaching digitally, you might be asking yourself.. how do I use these now? Here are my 10 favorite digital activity ideas for any elementary classroom. DIGITAL IDEA 1: WARM UP One easy way to use digital activities every […]

How to Transform Flexible Seating with these Favorites

Flexible Seating Favorites and Ideas for Elementary Classrooms

Looking to implement flexible seating in your classroom next year, but not sure what seats to start with? Let me tell you about some of my absolute favorite flexible seating options! Be sure to check out my blog about partially flexible seating, if you are not ready to nose-dive right into having a fully flexible […]

Stunning 2nd Grade Classroom Reveal that Will Make You Swoon

Hi Everyone! I am SO EXCITED to finally release photos from my classroom now that it is FINALLY finished! Please note that it took MANY hours to complete and many years to finally get my room to be in a state that I am absolutely in love with. Most of what you see item-wise (computers, […]

Traveling Class Mascot: An Easy and Unexpected Morale Boost

Tips, Tricks & Resources to Send a Furry Friend Home With Little Worries When I think back to my FAVORITE thing I did in second grade, I can vividly remember the excitement each week that came when my teacher would pull out a blue sparkly backpack, with a stuffed animal Arthur the Aardvark inside of […]

Friday Letters: Boost Morale with This Surprisingly Easy Idea

Connect with Students Using Friday Letters

Friday letters are mine and my students FAVORITE part of the week. Whenever students start telling me a story and I can tell we might not have time for it, instead of telling them to tell me later and we don’t get to it, I tell them that I cannot WAIT to hear about it […]