How to Manage The End of Year Chaos

The End of Year is HERE How to Manage the Chaos & Have Fun at the Same Time! I don’t know about you, but our end of the school year post-testing is FILLED with assemblies, activities, field trips and parties galore. The students are antsy, and so am I, as we slowly tick days off […]

Tips For Managing Community Supplies: Make them Last a Lifetime

  Do your students go through school supplies like no other class you have ever seen before? Do they lose, take improper care of, or seem to be eating all of your classroom supplies? Do you constantly wonder where all the supplies could possibly be going?! I know that I constantly am feeling that way […]

Throw Out Centers: Empower Students with Dinner and Dessert Instead

Changing Up Your Reading Workshops   Let me start of by saying that I am by no means anti-Daily Five. I have used the D5 every day for the past six years and found much success with it and absolutely loved it. However, after that long, I am finding that myself and my students are […]

Get Outstanding Results Using the Writing Process

For Elementary Classrooms If you are anything like me, writing was always one of the most difficult subjects for me to teach students. I didn’t know how to teach my students to have their own voice, I struggled to find interesting topics for students to write about, and something just always seemed to be missing. […]

Free Classroom Incentives Guaranteed to Double Student Buy In

Reward Your Class Without Spending a Penny! Having a prize box can be EXPENSIVE! Plus it is hard to keep up with, and to keep fully stocked. Here are some of my favorite rewards that are totally free and very easy to implement. These can be used daily, once a week, or even once a […]

How to Set a Up a Self Assessing Classroom

Tips for a Self-Assessing Primary Classroom When I first started teaching, I was always really hesitant and nervous about students grading their own work. First of all, I was worried that they would be dishonest and I would end up with inaccurate data on my students. Second, I was worried about my lower kids feeling […]