How to Use Daily Quotes to Inspire Students

How to Use Daily Quotes to Inspire Your Elementary School Students | 150 Motivational Quotes of the Day

How To Use a Quote of the Day Typically, during my morning meeting process, I have a time set aside for morning message. During this time, students read aloud the quote of the day. For beginning readers, I read the quote aloud and then have the entire class echo read it again with me. After […]

Ideas for Managing Emotions in the Classroom

Ideas for Managing Emotions in the Classroom

Do you have a student or multiple students who struggle with managing emotions in the classroom? Using a feelings check in chart for students is a great way to teach students about emotional regulation, and also to help log communication between teachers and students. What is a Feelings Chart? A feelings chart is a table […]

Announcing the BEST Indoor Recess Idea

Announcing the BEST Indoor Recess Idea: Rainy day bags

Are you at your wits end with finding new indoor recess ideas for activities or games that are free, easy and able to be played again and again? Solve the problem with RAINY DAY BAGS! What is a Rainy Day Bag? A rainy day bag is simple. It is a bag full of toys that […]

15 Practical Teacher Wish List Ideas You Will Adore

Back to School Teacher Wish List Ideas

Over the summer a fun thing for teachers to do is to add to their wish list. A classroom wish list which can be hosted as an Amazon Wish List, on a classroom website, posted at open house or meet the teacher night, or emailed out to parents, is a great way for teachers to […]

How to Use Digital Writing Prompts to Boost Student Results

How to Use Digital Writing Prompts In Person

Are you looking for new ways to incorporate digital writing prompts in your in person classroom this year? Digital writing prompts are a great way to get students independently practicing both technology skills and the art of the writing craft. It is also helpful because it is NO prep and easy to assign. Read on […]

How to Run Small Writing Groups and Make It Look Easy

Running Small Writing Groups

Best practice tells us that we should be doing a workshop model in all subjects. I bet that in both reading and math you set your day up by doing a mini lesson, then running small groups and centers. Why should writing be any different? Here is how I set up my second grade writing […]